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About Acura RDX

Acura RDX is the first compact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by Acura since 2006. The first Acura RDX was introduced in 2006 and designed based on Acura MDX only in a bigger size and in a higher price. Up to today, it has been produced through two generations. It is a very promising and successful car in United States and has seen rising sales.
The first generation Acura RDX (TB1; 2007-2012) was unveiled at the 2006 New York Auto Show and went on sale on August 11, 2006. As a 5-door SUV, it was available in RDX, Base and Tech with SH-AWD system trim levels powered by the very few 2.3 L K23A1 Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine mated to 5-speed automatic transmission. At the 2012 North American International Auto Show, the second generation Acura RDX (2013-present) was launched and went on sale in April. Previous generation's engine was replaced by a 3.5 L J35Y V6 engine attached to a 6-speed automatic transmission. In China, it also offers 3.0 L 263 hp J30Y1 V6 engine with 220 lb of torque. In 2015, a refreshed 2016 Acura RDX was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show.

Acura RDX Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Some common problems on Acura RDX and how to resolve them is something you must know if you want the vehicle could run for a longer time. And we have collected two most common problems and solutions of RDX:
First, engine stalls and misfires. Normally speaking, a poorly operated engine is the omen of the vehicle is on the way to break down. On RDX, drivers found a decrease in gas mileage and engine performance. Sometimes, the engine would vibrate extensively as well as give out metallic knocking sounds. Check Engine Light would be illuminated and leaking oil as well as dropped oil pressure would happen either. If same symptoms happen to your Acura RDX, you should have your air filter, oil filter and crankshaft pulley checked thoroughly.
Second, braking system issue. This issue has a close relation with driving safety and deserves more attention. Acura RDX owners complained that when they braked, they could hear a noisy sound and the brake pedal became more and more pulsating. At the meanwhile, the brakes responded poorly, which is very dangerous. For your safe driving experience, you are suggested to get a new brake pad set and brake caliper repair kit if similar situations appear.
If you want to enjoy your driving experience, then you should get a good cabin air filter to vent you fresh and healthy air, a properly operated wiper blade to offer you clear vision, a shining emblem to add a flavor to your favorite Acura RDX. All these auto parts should get good and meticulous care for a fullest use.
To get a longer service lifespan, you had better get Acura RDX replacement OEM auto parts regularly. As long as old auto parts get replaced with new perfect fitted good-quality OEM auto parts can the vehicle run longer. Moreover, our website has a wide range of Acura RDX genuine auto parts at the lowest price, which is something you should not miss.