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The Acura RSX is a compact 3-door liftback coupe produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. First introduced in Japan in April 2001 and in North America in July of the same year, the RSX was produced until 2006 through five generations. Based on the Civic platform, the first-generation RSX had a length of 172.2 inches and a height of 55.1 inches, boasting 160 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 141 pound-feet of torque. The second-generation RSX, released in 2003, maintained a similar design but added a few exterior refinements, including large multi-reflector headlights and a beveled chin spoiler. Inside, the RSX featured two front bucket seats and a 50/50-split folding rear seat. The 2005 model saw significant upgrades, with two four-cylinder engines that generated 160 horsepower, as well as both manual and automatic driving systems. It also featured high-performance camshafts, a standard five-speed manual transmission, and an optional five-speed automatic with manual-shift provision and Grade Logic Control. Notably, the RSX also included a LATCH system for child-safety seats, emphasizing child protection. The final version of the RSX, released in 2006, offered a new body color and a 2.0L L20Z1 L4 engine, adhering to the new SAE standard for measuring horsepower and torque. With its one-piece aluminum crankshaft carrier and additional strength from ferrous-carbon inserts in the bearing caps, the Acura RSX consistently demonstrated Acura's commitment to performance and safety.

Although supported by Honda, the Acura RSX still faces common problems as mileage accumulates. Engine failure can impact drivability and is characterized by irregular or unusually high idle speed, oil leaks, engine misfiring, and an illuminated Check Engine Light. If your RSX experiences stalling, decreased gas mileage, or reduced engine performance, inspect the idle control valve, oil pan, air filter, throttle body gasket, and timing chain for issues. Transmission and braking problems may also arise; transmission failure often presents as clutch chatter or slipping clutch, often due to a broken clutch disc and flywheel. If your RSX's brakes become noisy, the brake pedal pulsates, or the brakes respond poorly, consider replacing the brake pad set. Regular maintenance and replacement of parts like the wiper blade, hood latch, and wiper arm ensure a safe driving experience, while a new emblem can keep your car looking its best, as emblems tend to rust and erode over time.

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