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The Acura MDX, a product of Acura's luxury division, is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV renowned for its three-row seating, a first for luxury crossovers. Launched in 2000, the MDX, symbolizing "Multi-Dimensional" luxury, has seen four generations, each well-received for their superior performance and high-quality construction. Introduced as a replacement for the SLX, the MDX initially featured a J35A3 3.5L SOHC 24 valve V6 engine, offering seating for seven passengers, and an automatic four-wheel-drive system. The second-generation MDX, launched in 2006, sported a wider track, longer wheelbase, a 3.7-liter V6, and the innovative SH-AWD "Super Handling All-Wheel Drive". This generation also saw enhancements like a power sunroof and upgraded leather interiors. In 2013, the third-generation MDX was unveiled, showcasing a 3.5-liter direct-injected Earth Dreams V6 and Acura's Jewel Eye LED Headlights among other advanced features. The latest, fourth-generation MDX, rolled out in 2021 and is now considered Acura's flagship model. It comes with a 3.5-liter V6 coupled with a 10-speed transmission across four trims. This generation also introduced Acura's first 12-inch digital full TFT instrument cluster, a standard panoramic sunroof, and an optional 16-speaker audio system. The redesigned exterior features a tailgate similar to the 2019 RDX and lighting elements akin to the current TLX. The Acura MDX continues to be in production, maintaining its popularity among luxury SUV enthusiasts.

Like other luxury vehicles, the Acura MDX may experience some common issues after reaching a certain mileage. The most frequently reported problems include reduced engine performance, characterized by decreased gas mileage, strange metallic noises, and occasionally, the Check Engine Light turning on, as well as oil leaks and overheating. To address these issues, it is important to inspect the air filter, oil filter, oil pressure switch, oxygen sensor, radiator hose, piston ring set, and A/C idler pulley. Another common concern is the braking system, with symptoms such as noisy brakes, pulsating brake pedals, and poor responsiveness. Replacing the brake pad set is typically the chosen solution to restore proper function. Besides these major components, other often overlooked parts require attention as well, such as the cabin air filter, which may need replacement if poor airflow or unusual odors are detected. Wiper blades and wiper arms should also be maintained, as they are essential for clearing the windshield of debris. Finally, fog light bulbs play a crucial role in enhancing visibility during extreme weather conditions and should be checked regularly.

When it comes to top-class quality and functionality, original equipment manufacturer parts are without doubt the only choice. They undergo strict quality checks and are built to Acura's factory specifications for easy installation. Should you be contemplating procuring a new parts, like Transmission - Automatic for your Acura MDX, an OEM part should top your list of choices. We hold an extensive inventory of genuine Acura MDX parts, all offered at the most competitive prices in the market. Moreover, all our parts come with a warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Acura MDX Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to disassemble and reassemble a strut and coil spring assembly?
    A: If your struts or coil springs show wear, consider all options before starting work. Strut assemblies can't be serviced and must be replaced if faulty. You may find complete strut assemblies on an exchange basis, saving time and effort. Before disassembly, check part costs and availability. Remove the strut and spring assembly, mount it in a vise, and use a spring compressor to relieve pressure. Unscrew the thrust bearing retaining nut and remove the upper mount. Inspect the bearing and rubber mount for damage and replace if needed. Remove the upper spring seat and insulator, checking for damage. Lift the compressed spring from the assembly. Remove the dust cover plate and dust cover, then slide off the rubber bump stop and check for deterioration. To reassemble, extend the damper rod and install the rubber bump stop, dust cover, and dust cover plate. Place the compressed coil spring onto the lower seat of the damper, install the upper insulator and spring seat, followed by the bearing and suspension support. Install the washer and nut, tighten it, remove the spring compressor tool and install the strut/spring assembly.
  • Q: How do you remove a strut?
    A: To remove the strut, loosen the wheel lug nuts, raise the vehicle, and remove the wheel. Disconnect the stabilizer bar link and brake hose bracket from the strut. Detach the ABS speed sensor wiring harness and remove the strut-to-knuckle nuts and bolts. Separate the strut from the steering knuckle and remove the strut and spring assembly. Mark the struts as left or right if both are being removed. Inspect the strut for damage and the coil spring for chips or cracks. If issues are found, disassemble the strut. To install, guide the assembly into the fender well and secure with nuts. Reattach the brake hose bracket, speed sensor wiring harness bracket, and stabilizer link. Install the wheel, lower the vehicle, and tighten the lug nuts. Finally, check and adjust the front wheel alignment if necessary.
  • Q: How do you replace the front stabilizer bar,bushings and links on your Acura MDX?
    A: To replace bushings and links, loosen the front wheel lug nuts and raise the vehicle with jack stands. Remove the wheels and the bolts from the Sway Bar Bushing retainers. Remove the nuts attaching the Sway Bar Link to the strut/coil spring assembly and Sway Bar Kit. Detach the links, holding the stud with an Allen wrench if needed. Inspect the retainer bushings for damage and replace if needed. If the ball studs on the links are worn, replace the links. Install new links and retainer bushings, lubricating them with vegetable oil. Install the retainers and bolts, tighten to the specified torque, and reinstall the wheels. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts. For a 2007 Acura MDX, the Sway Bar Kit can be removed without removing the sub frame. For other models, a body repair shop should remove the sub frame.